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Infographic: Amazing facts and figures from the USA

Whatever way you look at it, the United States of America is BIG. Nearly 10 million square kilometres, over 300 million people and one of the world’s largest economies shaping cultures the world over. It’s a surprisingly diverse place with a rich history and often controversial world views. The landscapes vary wildly from beautiful forests and towering urban landscapes, to deserts, canyons and beautiful beaches. Its no wonder 41.3 million of its inhabitants are officially immigrants and much of the population has immigration ancestry. So whether you’re considering moving to the USA or simply visiting one day. Expect big things!

We were recently shown this very interesting infographic filled with amazing USA stats. Some you’ll know doubt know but many of which were definitely news to me! Did you know there’s technically only 46 states? And that Montana has more cows than people!? Check out the infographic below for some weird and wonderful statistics from the U.S of A.

US Culture Infographic